Watch 4Music online from abroad

Do you want to watch 4Music and all your favorite music online? Trying to watch this channel from outside England? You are probably facing some trouble, but at our site we will try to explain you how to fix those problems.

To watch 4Music from outside England you will need to read our article on watching Channel 4. In that article we explain step by step how to virtually reside in UK (which is a requirement to watch 4Music), so go ahead and read that article, and you could find yourself rocking you favorite 4Music program in a few minutes from now.

I have done this myself and it works great, so if you follow the instructions in the mentioned article, you will find yourself watching just the way I did.

Service not available in your region

Service not available in your region

If you try to watch 4Music from outside the UK you will get the following error message. Get yourself and IP address in the UK and get rid of the message. Read the instructions on how to do so here.